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Gout FAQ

  1. How Urcinol works to lower uric acid naturally?
  2. Are Urcinol's gout medication ingredients safe and effective?
  3. Do you or someone you know suffer from uric acid build up and other gout symptoms?
  4. Why should gout and the accumulation of uric acid crystals be treated properly?
  5. Is gout medication safe for you? 5 dangers with gout drugs.
  6. So what causes high uric acid and how did I get gout?
  7. Why should you reduce uric acid naturally to treat gout instead?
  8. Urcinol can mean being Gout free sooner

Urcinol can mean being Gout free sooner

  • Goes to work right away
  • Joint pain and inflammation subside within a day — even gout in fingers and knee gout
  • Regain mobility and resume daily routine
  • Avoid dangerous and addictive gout medication
  • Reduce uric acid naturally with no side-effects
  • Avoid damaging your joints
  • Prevents uric acid crystals from accumulating and worsening
  • Prevents gout from recurring

Urcinol is backed by leading healthcare professionals.

Urcinol can help you get a good night's rest!

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How Urcinol works to lower uric acid naturally?

Urcinol is a synergistic blend of 8 clinically proven natural extracts formulated to help remedy your gout flare-up safely and effectively.

Once you begin your daily regimen with Urcinol gout medication you'll immediately notice how it starts to:

  1. Eliminate pain and reduce inflammation through one of nature's most powerful anti-inflammatories, Curcumin.
  2. Reduce uric acid levels naturally. One of the main reasons this proprietary blend is so effective is that it targets the root cause of gout—high uric acid levels.
  3. Prohibit formation of uric acid crystals in the joints and kidneys. Research has shown that once a person's uric acid levels reach a certain saturation point, immediate prevention of uric acid crystallization can prevent a gout attack.
  4. Inhibit future gout attacks by impeding excess uric acid build up.

All these actions can help you recover from gout without having to suffer from another attack again.

Urcinol—A 100% natural supplement that targets what causes high uric acid and safely treats gout

Urcinol is an innovative gout supplement. It is unlike any other gout medication in that the ingredients used in the design of the formula are all based on clinical research.

  • Helps quickly ease pain and reduce inflammation
  • Safely reduces uric acid build up
  • Effectively prevents future episodic joint discomfort
  • Serves to lower uric acid naturally by dissolving the metabolic acid waste
  • Safely flushes excess uric acid crystals in urine and blood from the body


  • Inhibits purines from being converted into uric acid
  • Prohibits uric acid crystals from forming
  • Strengthens and protects liver and kidney cells for uric acid excretion
  • Provides powerful antioxidant benefits
  • Balances normal uric acid levels and breaks the cycle of recurrent gout flare-ups

Try Urcinol today risk free to experience complete overall protection from uric acid build up and relief from gout.

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Do you or someone you know suffer from uric acid build up and other gout symptoms?

Gout is a painful disease caused by the accumulation of sodium uric acid in the fluid around the joints, tendons, and other tissues.

Here are some of the symptoms:

  • A warm burning pain with swelling in and around a joint such as gout in fingers or gout in knee; usually starts in a big toe joint
  • Pain that usually begins during the night and is so intolerable that even light pressure from a sock or a sheet is too much
  • A sudden increase in pain or discomfort that lasts for most of the night and then gradually subsides over the next few days
  • Skin that may peel, feel itchy, or appear red and infected around the affected joint
  • Limited mobility in the affected joint
  • Appearance of tophi gout (nodules) around the affected area
  • Accompanied by flu-like symptoms, including a fever and chills

Any of these gout symptoms is a sign that your body is fighting a gout attack. It is important to realize that gout can cause serious damage, even if the pain from gout has disappeared, and should be treated properly.

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Why should gout and the accumulation of uric acid crystals be treated properly?

Besides the fact that gout is extremely painful and can impede your quality of life, it can do serious damage to your joints, such as knee gout. That is why it is important to be proactive in your approach to treating your gout:

  • Gout gets more serious over time
  • If untreated, over 90% of gout cases will recur for life
  • Gout in fingers, knee gout, and other affected joints can sustain permanent damage
  • Gout and uric acid crystals in urine can lead to other disorders — like kidney stone
  • Gout will negatively impact your daily routine
  • It can have an emotional impact on your life
  • Gout can severely limit your diet choices
  • It can lead to surgery

The only way to prevent gout and find fast relief is to help your body reduce uric acid naturally in your blood and urine, and prevent it from crystallizing.

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Is gout medication safe for you? 5 dangers with gout drugs.

Whether you are prescribed Drugs, the approach that any orthodox gout treatment takes can have more damaging side-effects than the benefits they provide to remedy gout:

  1. Prescription gout medication and treatments can be very addictive and very powerful
  2. NSAIDs can cause gastrointestinal bleeding and ulcers
  3. Some prescription drugs can leech bone marrow
  4. Traditional treatments for gout and uric acid build up can cause severe allergic reactions
  5. Increased risk of drug interactions with current medications

Unfortunately a prescription is rarely ever finished by patients because of the extreme pain it causes just to complete that gout remedy.

While prescription drugs are important, traditional treatment for gout can have severe and damaging consequences. Stop suffering and don't expose yourself to further risk. You can avoid this by lowering uric acid naturally and eliminating gout with a safe and effective alternative.

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So what causes high uric acid and how did I get gout?

Gout, also known as metabolic arthritis, is a painful disease caused by an accumulation of sodium uric acid crystals in the fluid around joints, tendons, and other tissues. Your body attacks these crystals, causing the tissues to become inflamed.

Uric acid crystals form because of a metabolic disorder called hyperuricemia, which causes elevated levels of uric acid in the blood.

How does Hyperuricemia Develop?
Uric acid is a byproduct of digestion. When you consume foods that contain purines, a kind of protein found in meat and fish, uric acid is produced. If you eat purine-rich food or, like most people, you have poor uric acid metabolism, you may develop hyperuricemia as a consequence. Most adults in the U.S. are mildly hyperuricemic.

How is Hyperuricemia Related to Gout?
Some hyperuricemic adults, those with more acidic blood and urine, develop gout. When there is too much uric acid build up in your blood, it can no longer dissolve and crystallizes. These crystals generally settle where blood circulation is poor, such as joints in your extremities. This is why most gout attacks first occur in the big toe and cause painful gout in feet. Even though the symptoms of a gout attack may subside within a few days, hyperuricemia may still be present.

What does this mean for you?
By reducing uric acid levels naturally in your blood and urine, you can stop uric acid from crystallizing, thus, preventing joint damage, deformity, and severe pain.

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Why should you reduce uric acid naturally to treat gout instead?

Most doctors will define gout as a disorder caused by certain purine rich foods and certain alcoholic beverages.  The truth is that the cause of most gout cases is undetermined—they are idiopathic. It is most likely due to a combination of hormonal and genetic factors. At best your doctor will put you on a course of drugs, tell you to limit certain foods and drinks, and/or wait and see.

Unfortunately this approach can be dangerous:

  • Most gout medication can have severe and harmful side-effects
  • Gout symptoms may subside after a few days but you still remain at high risk for a subsequent attack
  • Gout treatment drugs can be very addictive

The key is to provide your body with a safe and natural remedy that is free from harmful side-effects to eliminate the source of gout pain and effectively relieve episodic joint discomfort.

Reducing uric acid levels naturally provides a comprehensive approach for overall protection:

  • A natural approach to the treatment of gout will do more than just mask the symptoms
  • Natural gout remedies can help eliminate the uric acid crystals much faster and with less pain
  • Natural gout treatment will also help strengthen your immune system
  • A natural gout therapy will help your body achieve normal uric acid levels and metabolize the acid more effectively

The use of natural, herbal-based supplements such as Urcinol will help you get back to your daily routine by taking control of your health—gout free!

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