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Urcinol is the first natural gout medication with ingredients clinically proven to:
  • Soothe pain and reduce inflammation
  • Promote balanced purine metabolism
  • Safely lower uric acid levels naturally
  • Prevent uric acid crystals in urine, joints, and kidneys
  • Naturally inhibit excess uric acid crystals from forming
  • Eliminate source of gout pain and provide sustained relief
  • Prevent future gout attacks
  • Support healthy blood uric acid balance
  • Help you get back on your feet and be active again
  • All Natural Formula

"Phenomenal product! After recommending Urcinol to an ER patient, it dropped Uric Acid levels from 8.6 to 6.8, back to normal levels, within eight days! Awesome results and a product that I highly recommend!"

Dr. Phylis B. Canion, DCCN, FAAIM
Certified Nutritional Consultant

Urcinol can mean being Gout free sooner

  • Goes to work right away
  • Joint pain and inflammation subside within a day — even gout in fingers
    and knee gout
  • Regain mobility and resume daily routine
  • Avoid dangerous and addictive gout medication
  • Reduce uric acid naturally with no side-effects
  • Avoid damaging your joints
  • Prevents uric acid crystals from accumulating and worsening
  • Prevents gout from recurring

Urcinol can help you get a good night's rest!

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How Urcinol works to lower uric acid naturally?

Urcinol is a synergistic blend of 8 clinically proven natural extracts formulated to help remedy your gout flare-up safely and effectively.

Once you begin your daily regimen with Urcinol gout medication you'll immediately notice how it starts to:

  1. Eliminate pain and reduce inflammation through one of nature's most powerful anti-inflammatories, Curcumin.
  2. Reduce uric acid levels naturally. One of the main reasons this proprietary blend is so effective is that it targets the root cause of gout—high uric acid levels.
  3. Prohibit formation of uric acid crystals in the joints and kidneys. Research has shown that once a person's uric acid levels reach a certain saturation point, immediate prevention of uric acid crystallization can prevent a gout attack.
  4. Inhibit future gout attacks by impeding excess uric acid build up.

All these actions can help you recover from gout without having to suffer from another attack again.

Urcinol—A 100% natural supplement that targets what causes high uric acid and safely treats gout

Urcinol is an innovative gout supplement. It is unlike any other gout medication in that the ingredients used in the design of the formula are all based on clinical research.

  • Helps quickly ease pain and reduce inflammation
  • Safely reduces uric acid build up
  • Effectively prevents future episodic joint discomfort
  • Serves to lower uric acid naturally by dissolving the metabolic acid waste
  • Safely flushes excess uric acid crystals in urine and blood from the body
  • Inhibits purines from being converted into uric acid
  • Prohibits uric acid crystals from forming
  • Strengthens and protects liver and kidney cells for uric acid excretion
  • Provides powerful antioxidant benefits
  • Balances normal uric acid levels and breaks the cycle of recurrent gout flare-ups

Try Urcinol today risk free to experience complete overall protection from uric acid build up and relief from gout.

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Do you or someone you know suffer from uric acid build up and other gout symptoms?

Gout is a painful disease caused by the accumulation of sodium uric acid in the fluid around the joints, tendons, and other tissues.

Here are some of the symptoms:

  • A warm burning pain with swelling in and around a joint such as gout in fingers or gout in knee; usually starts in a big toe joint
  • Pain that usually begins during the night and is so intolerable that even light pressure from a sock or a sheet is too much
  • A sudden increase in pain or discomfort that lasts for most of the night and then gradually subsides over the next few days
  • Skin that may peel, feel itchy, or appear red and infected around the affected joint
  • Limited mobility in the affected joint
  • Appearance of tophi gout (nodules) around the affected area
  • Accompanied by flu-like symptoms, including a fever and chills

Any of these gout symptoms is a sign that your body is fighting a gout attack. It is important to realize that gout can cause serious damage, even if the pain from gout has disappeared, and should be treated properly.

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Why should gout and the accumulation of uric acid crystals be treated properly?

Besides the fact that gout is extremely painful and can impede your quality of life, it can do serious damage to your joints, such as knee gout. That is why it is important to be proactive in your approach to treating your gout:

  • Gout gets more serious over time
  • If untreated, over 90% of gout cases will recur for life
  • Gout in fingers, knee gout, and other affected joints can sustain permanent damage
  • Gout and uric acid crystals in urine can lead to other disorders — like kidney stone
  • Gout will negatively impact your daily routine
  • It can have an emotional impact on your life
  • Gout can severely limit your diet choices
  • It can lead to surgery

The only way to prevent gout and find fast relief is to help your body reduce uric acid naturally in your blood and urine, and prevent it from crystallizing.

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Is gout medication safe for you? 5 dangers with gout drugs.

Whether you are prescribed Drugs, the approach that any orthodox gout treatment takes can have more damaging side-effects than the benefits they provide to remedy gout:

  1. Prescription gout medication and treatments can be very addictive and very powerful
  2. NSAIDs can cause gastrointestinal bleeding and ulcers
  3. Some prescription drugs can leech bone marrow
  4. Traditional treatments for gout and uric acid build up can cause severe allergic reactions
  5. Increased risk of drug interactions with current medications

Unfortunately a prescription is rarely ever finished by patients because of the extreme pain it causes just to complete that gout remedy.

While prescription drugs are important, traditional treatment for gout can have severe and damaging consequences. Stop suffering and don't expose yourself to further risk. You can avoid this by lowering uric acid naturally and eliminating gout with a safe and effective alternative.

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So what causes high uric acid and how did I get gout?

Gout, also known as metabolic arthritis, is a painful disease caused by an accumulation of sodium uric acid crystals in the fluid around joints, tendons, and other tissues. Your body attacks these crystals, causing the tissues to become inflamed.

Uric acid crystals form because of a metabolic disorder called hyperuricemia, which causes elevated levels of uric acid in the blood.

How does Hyperuricemia Develop?
Uric acid is a byproduct of digestion. When you consume foods that contain purines, a kind of protein found in meat and fish, uric acid is produced. If you eat purine-rich food or, like most people, you have poor uric acid metabolism, you may develop hyperuricemia as a consequence. Most adults in the U.S. are mildly hyperuricemic.

How is Hyperuricemia Related to Gout?
Some hyperuricemic adults, those with more acidic blood and urine, develop gout. When there is too much uric acid build up in your blood, it can no longer dissolve and crystallizes. These crystals generally settle where blood circulation is poor, such as joints in your extremities. This is why most gout attacks first occur in the big toe and cause painful gout in feet. Even though the symptoms of a gout attack may subside within a few days, hyperuricemia may still be present.

What does this mean for you?
By reducing uric acid levels naturally in your blood and urine, you can stop uric acid from crystallizing, thus, preventing joint damage, deformity, and severe pain.

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Why should you reduce uric acid naturally to treat gout instead?

Most doctors will define gout as a disorder caused by certain purine rich foods and certain alcoholic beverages.  The truth is that the cause of most gout cases is undetermined—they are idiopathic. It is most likely due to a combination of hormonal and genetic factors. At best your doctor will put you on a course of drugs, tell you to limit certain foods and drinks, and/or wait and see.

Unfortunately this approach can be dangerous:

  • Most gout medication can have severe and harmful side-effects
  • Gout symptoms may subside after a few days but you still remain at high risk for a subsequent attack
  • Gout treatment drugs can be very addictive

The key is to provide your body with a safe and natural remedy that is free from harmful side-effects to eliminate the source of gout pain and effectively relieve episodic joint discomfort.

Reducing uric acid levels naturally provides a comprehensive approach for overall protection:

  • A natural approach to the treatment of gout will do more than just mask the symptoms
  • Natural gout remedies can help eliminate the uric acid crystals much faster and with less pain
  • Natural gout treatment will also help strengthen your immune system
  • A natural gout therapy will help your body achieve normal uric acid levels and metabolize the acid more effectively

The use of natural, herbal-based supplements such as Urcinol will help you get back to your daily routine by taking control of your health—gout free!

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Are Urcinol's gout medication ingredients safe and effective?

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The all-natural ingredients in Urcinol have been shown to be safe and effective through clinical studies and have been recommended by healthcare professionals.

Active Ingredients:

Turmeric Root (Curcumin):
An anti-inflammatory that is more powerful than Cortisone which safely reduces inflammation and pain from gout in fingers and other joints during attacks.
Yucca Stalk Extract:
Contains saponins, which are natural pain killers and the precursors to Cortisone, which reduce the soft tissue swelling associated with gout.
Banaba Leaf Extract:
Contains VAD, which works to lower uric acid levels naturally by preventing xanthine oxidase from converting purines into uric acid. Studies show VAD to be more effective at managing normal uric acid levels than popular prescription drugs.
Acai Fruit Extract:
Prevents future gout attacks by finishing the job that Banaba Leaf starts. Contains the same key ingredient, flavonoids (specifically, anthocyanins), that make cherries so effective against gout, yet is a much more powerful antioxidant.
Bicarbonate of Soda:
An alkalinizing substance that balances blood pH, helps keep uric acid crystals from forming, and ensures that uric acid stays dissolved as it is passes through the system. Naturally occurring, bicarbonate of soda is found in many mineral springs.
Milk Thistle Seed:
A powerful antioxidant that helps strengthen liver and kidney cells by stimulating protein synthesis in these cells.
Celery Seed Extract:
Promotes excretion of metabolic waste and uric acid crystals in urine without diuretic effects. This is extremely important as many uric acid flushes jeopardize the patient's risk of getting kidney stones.
Artichoke Leaf Extract:
Most gout sufferers have excess uric acid build up as a result of their body's inability to manage this metabolic waste. Artichoke safely promotes the excretion of uric acid.

Through specialized formulation, each ingredient’s effects are uniquely combined with
other ingredients to provide overall protection from gout.


What are others saying about Urcinol gout medication?

Urcinol is not for everyone, and as with any nutritional supplement, results may vary from person to person.

*The testimonials here are the opinions of real Urcinol users and should NOT be considered fact or imply you will achieve the same result.

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Robert T


Jim M


Richard H


Randy H


Bruce T


Shawn F


Wayne U


Julia G


James C


Mary L




Randy H.


Alfred S.


Orlando B. LA


Harold W., IL

Joseph: Gout has completely gone away after taking Urcinol.*


Joseph B., FL

Richard: I never realized I would be able to live a normal life again.*


Richard H., VA


Al C., NY


Jose B., FL


Richard H., VA


Al C., NY


Jose B., FL

Anwar: I only took a couple of capsules and wow! Swelling is down and pain is gone.


Anwar C., MO

Kenith: You guys really nailed it on the head. No problems since taking Urcinol.*


Kenith M., PA

Charlotte: since taking Urcinol, I have no pain at all.*


Charlotte P., OH

Kenny: I couldnt live without it.*


Kenny H., TX

James: After taking Urcinol, both pain and swelling was gone.*


James S., GA

Viola: My feet dont swell anymore This product really works.*


Viola S., AR


Emile B., MO

Carmen: Been on several medications nothing worked until I tried Urcinol.*


Carmen V., IN

Wayne: Nothing was working for me, but once I began using Urcinol, there was a big change in my life.*


Wayne E., HI

David: Prescriptions didn't do anything that urcinol did.* This product is absolutely the best!


David B., MA

Robert: Love the product. Have not had any flare-ups since taking Urcinol.*


Robert J., FL

Ed: since taking Urcinol,no pain in either of my feet. No pain, swelling anymore.*


Ed D., MA

Josiphine: This is a miracle drug, it works 100 percent*.


Josephine Z., MI

Carol: I just recently tried Urcinol and so far, so good.*


Carolyn D., NY


Eduical D., NY


James K., Mo


James K., Mo


Albert J., FL


Robert B., NV


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03/13/14 "I had my second event of GOUT just recently at age 81. I tried prescription medication with major side effects. My Uric acid parameter was way out of normal specification. Both my left and right feet were really swelled up and the pain to walk was excoriating where I had major problems attempting to walk with a cane. I found Urcinol on the internet and ordered it. I tried Urcinol and within four to five days the swelling was reduced to normal and I was pain free. I also was able to walk normally without aids. I would highly recommend this product." Steve K., CA

1/7/2014 "Thanks so much for Urcinol. I was diagnosed with Gout in 2001 when I had my first flare up. Since then I only had joint pain in both feet and no real flare ups, till a few months ago, when I started having night time severe joint pain for 2 to 4 hours a night. Not wanting to start prescriptions, I tried adjusting my diet. The night pain continued to worsen. I found your product online and immediately ordered a bottle. After only nine doses I have noticed reduced joint pain daily and the night pain after getting a bad as 6 hours per night, prior to Urcinol, has been only once each night for the last two nights for about one half hour each night.* Great improvement in only 4 days. I hope to have a full nights sleep tonight. If you have foot joint pain and night time pain that feels like your toes are on fire try Urcinol. It's working for me." Rob S., TN

12/11/2013 "We wanted to thank you for creating an all natural gout treatment!! My husband has been battling with severe attacks if gout in a daily basis. The pain is excruciating and thoroughly decreased his quality of life. He is only 42 years old and we have two children who are very active. In addition is an administrator for a nj school and a football coach. With such an active life gout has been a challenge. Since discovering Urcinol 2 months ago, my husband has NEVER felt better!! No pain, no swelling, no sleepless nights!!* We were doubtful when we originally decided to try Urcinol, but we are believers now!" Kim R., NJ

12/2/2013 "When I found this web site and read the ingredients, I felt there was nothing in it to hurt anyone, so I tried it. Fantastic, amazing, results. This web site shows all the ingredients and how the combination works. That is what sold me, to try this product. After using it and how quickly it worked, I won't use anything else. I tell everyone about it and highly recommend it. The web site is easy to navigate too." Joyce B., MD

10/14/2013 "I have been getting gout attacks off and on over the past 12 years. Although they seemed to occur once or twice a year, the been has been terrible. I have been to the doctor and he said to watch what I eat and stay away from foods high in purines. He prescribed a gout drug when I had attacks, but that really bothered my stomach.* After my last attack he said that most medications may cause stomach problems. So I decided to go on line and found your advertisement. I have been taking the Urcinol now for 5 days and I began noticing a differnce in 3 days. I usually have some type of swelling and that has reduced. I try to walk 3 to 5 miles every other day for exercise and usually my right foot throbs for a day afterwards. I walked 18 holes of golf yesterday and had no throbbing! I\'ve told a friend of mine who suffers form gout attacks and recommended Urcinol to him. I would recommend Urcinol to anyone who gets attacks, it's been a great product for me so far."-Christopher K., PA

09/13/2013 "Just a note to give you all a few more bragging rights! I have been on URCINOL for several months with VERY good results. My pain went from Awfull to 0 , Swelling & redness is gone.* Now for the real good news- I was taken off of it for about 4 days while I had knee surgery, and the pain was coming back, so I started back at the regular dosage and within 1 day the pain was almost all gone- and a day later ---NO MORE PAIN*> THANK YOU FOR THIS WONDERFUL PRODUCT."-Dennis K, MO

09/03/2013 "I have suffered from gout for a number of years. My doctor has prescribed various medications which did not work. I found out about URCINOL online. My left elbow was very painful and swollen. My left index and middle fingers were also very painful and swollen and could not bend. After four days on URCINOL the swelling and pain in my elbow were gone.* The pain and swelling were also gone from fingers, and now I can bend them easily. IF ONE NEEDS RELEIF FROM GOUT , AND DOES NOT USE URCINOL THEN MAYBE YOU ENJOY PAIN AND SUFFERING. THIS IS THE ONLY LOGICAL EXPLANATION FOR NOT USING THIS PRODUCT. I VERY RARELY RECOMMEND PRODUCTS, BUT I RECOMMEND URCINOL 200% TO ANYONE. Bottom line, It works and works fast, with no side effects like prescription medication.* My sincere thanks to you."*-Peter B., NC

8/22/2013 "Oh my gosh! Finally after all the medications and quick fixes I have tried finally something that works! By the third day I had relief from the pain I had endured for three weeks.* I was floating in cherry juice but with little change in the pain and swelling. Your product is amazing. I am usually hesitate about doing on line ordering but the comments from your users sold me on trying the product. Prior to ordering I had tried cherry juice, changing of my diet and adjusted my lifestyle to hopefully get the pain under control. My doctor prescribed two different medications but they gave me horrible side effects with little or no change in the flare up.* Finally I saw your product and ordered it. This is my first bottle but I will be doing the automatic refill no more flare ups for me life is to short to stop living because of this pain. Thanks to you I am back in full swing."-Linda H. - IN

7/29/2013 "Before I knew about Urcinol I always have gout every two weeks. I searched online trying to find a natural treatment and I was so thankful that I came across your product. After taking Urcinol for a week, I never had gout again. I continuously take it and even eat foods that trigger my gout before but still no more gout. I had my check up and found out that my uric acid level is no longer an issue. I highly recommend this product!!!"*-Fermin T. - CA

7/24/2013 " name is Ebony and I live in Tx. I had been suffering from gout for a long time...starting at the age of 17 and didn't know it. My left foot would swell up for no reason at all and no one knew why. All the trips to the ER and spending money on pain medicine, soaking in Epson Salt, wrapping and elevation... and nothing helped. I'm 31, and my last trip to the ER for my right ankle was when they diagnosed me with gout in both feet. While on the internet I seen a ad that said NEVER SUFFER FROM GOUT AGAIN!!!...and I instantly entered the site. I read all the commentary and even watched videos and I was convinced to try it. Its so easy to take. No side effects...and i didnt have to eat with each dosage. After about 2 weeks I noticed a difference. The main thing was I could walk to the bathroom with No Pain!!!* I was ecstatic!!! And now I can actually walk in heels...This Medicine is WONDERFUL!!! I would recommend Urcinol to anyone who has gout. My brother has acute gout and I actually recommended to him and he's waiting for it to come in.

7/22/2013 "The best product so far . After 3 pills I feel like new. I Recommended this product already to friend of my . Love Urcinol."*-ANDRZEJ R

06/12/2013 "Hello, I am from Etobicoke, Ontario in Canada and I contracted gout about a month ago for the first time. Very painful! After I looked up the pharmaceutical treatments for gout and their side effects, I decided to search for some natural remedies and avoid the risk of the side effects of prescribed drugs. I then found and ordered the Urcinol therapy. Within a week , the pain and swelling began to subside and I am now gout-free!* I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who would like to heal naturally and without the risk of any harmful side effects from drugs. Thanks again Urcinol! Cheers, Ihor"*-Ihor S., ON Richard K., CA

06/12/2013 "A friend of mine orders some urcinol an advise me to try it any a few days my gout pain an swelling was gone"*-Richard K., CA

06/12/2013 "I recently had gout on my right knee and it hurt like no other pain in the world. It was so painful and swollen that I couldnt even bend my knee to a certain degree of an angle. Anyways I was browsing through the internet and was looking up how to cure gout and I saw an ad for Urcinol and read some testimonials and was sceptical about it. than I said what the HELL, what do I got to lose, I have more to gain, so I gave it a try. Urcinol worked pretty quick, my gout usually last about a 2 week or so but I took Urcinol and it reduced my time to about 4-5 days max. The pain was still there not much but i was able to go back to work the following week. And I am a security guard where I have to stand all day so that made my job lot easier. Thanks Urcinol!!!"-Bong R. CA

06/10/2013 "I am a lover of goat meat and its organs (goes well with beer :)and I had my fill of it during my recent vacation. Organ meats being notorious for uric acid components, it exact its toll on me punishing my left sole with so much pain for about 3 weeks. I considered URCINOL afer reading its reviews on line and it really lived up to its claims to relieve gout pain. I took 2 caps initially and 1 cap in AM and PM daily and in just a matter of 2 days I felt its healing effects.* In 5 days, I was totally relieved of pain.* I am a meat lover and also crazy for nuts and I indulged myself with these foods without worrying gout pain. I highly recommend URCINOL as it really works! 2 thumbs up! great product!"-Severo D. CA

06/11/2013 "I had problems with Gout in my big toe joint for 2 years on and off but I didn't want to take a prescription medication because of all the harmful side effects. I found Urcinol online and decided to try it. I was amazed at how well it works, my big toe joint swelling went away and I have not had any pain or problems since I started taking Urcinol and I like how easy the caplets are to take, no aftertaste or mess. The autoship program makes sure I will never run out either, just set it up online and forget about having to order every month. Thank you for such a wonderful product!"-Mark N., WI

06/01/2013 "I am diabetic and have suffered with foot and joint pain for years. This product helps tremendously. Thanks."*-Sherry C. KY,

05/31/2013 "I tried Urcinol for the first time last month and while skeptical at first, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it worked (literally within 2 days)* and reduced swelling without any additional flare ups! I had tried prescriptions previously and they always had temporary effects for a week or so while Urcinol is much more resilient, I have had no swelling or pain for 6 weeks. I am extremely satisfied and will continue to use your product as it makes me feel great overall. Also, the telephone staff taking orders were extremely helpful and professional. Thanks again."-Stephen O. CA,

05/29/2013 " I never thought gout would be something that would affect me. I thought it was an "old timey" ailment that mostly lived in Charles Dickens stories; didn't even realize it was an ongoing problem for people today. The first symptoms I experienced were about two years ago. They were sudden and severe. I self-diagnosed it with the help of the internet, which was easy because the symptoms were classic and easily recognizable. I'm not one to use doctors when I can help it and I dislike taking prescribed medicines, due to cost and side effects. So I began controlling this by drinking black cherry juice.
05/28/2013 "I have suffered with gout for the past 2 yrs,was given colcrys and indomethacin by dr and continued to get flare up* and then it seemed as if med was no longer relieving pain, after two days of taking uricinol I felt relief. I would recommend anyone that suffers with gout to try uricinol it really seems to be working."-Mark R., NC

05/25/2013 "I been having gout flareups for 2 yrs i tried diffent medacations they work for so long thats it but since i been taking Urcinol 3weeks no flareups I tested it with high purine food no problem I will recommend Urcinol to any body I will be ordering some more soon it works very fast thank for saving me."-Melvin W., CA

05/13/2013 "I am 64 years old and have only recently been plagued with gout. After 3 very painful attacks and a doctor visit, I began a strict dietary regimen and looked on the net for possible medications. I discovered URCINOL on the web and ordrered a one month supply. Since I have begun taking it, I have experienced absolutely no pain or swelling in my big toe! I was worried about recurring attacks that most sites say are inevitable but none have occurred since taking URCINOL. The capsules are easy to take and do not upset my stomach. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your great product. I will be your most loyal customer."-Dan B. Sarnia, ON Canada

04/23/2013 "After suffering with gout pain for over a year and taking several different medicines prescribed by my physician, my wife found this supplement and I agreed to try it. After taking for approximately 15 days, my pain is nearly gone.* I couldn't be more pleased with the results and would recommend this product to all sufferers. Thank You!"-William C. KY

04/01/2013 "I have suffered gout attacks for several years. Luckily, the attacks were only once every four to six months or so and lasted only a few days, so long as I started prescription medication immediately upon onset of my symptoms. Unfortunately, the gout attacked numerous joints including my large toes, my feet, and eventually my knees. A few months back I suffered two gout attacks in both knees in less than one month forcing me to take numerous unpaid days off work. That is when my uncle, who also suffers from gout, recommended Urcinol. Since I have modified my diet and have been using Urcinol regularly and have had zero recurring symptoms.* I would definitely recommend this as a critical part of the treatment of uric acid levels and gout!"-Josh C. AZ.

03/22/2013 "My name is Mike and I am a diabetic and was having feet problems well my doctor told me it was nerve damage from being a diabetic and gave me some medication for helping well it did not work and my feet keep hurting more and more I even ended up in the hospital a few times they kept saying it was celulitus until the last time I was there the doctor treated me for gout my feet got better quick but soon after they started to hurt again*
03/15/2013 " My name is Jen & I live in Washington. I had been having intractable pain in my big toes, hands & knees for some time. The foot pain was hampering my work at the gym & my hiking. Regular pain medication was ineffective, & I cannot take most anti-inflammatories because of other health issues. It was easy to take Urcinol morning & nighttime, and took only a week or so to for me to notice a distinct improvement! I found Urcinol while Googling about gout symptoms & treatment, & after noting that the ingredients were natural & familiar, I ordered some right away. After a month, there was no sign of pain in my feet, & my normal activities were resumed, but I kept taking Urcinol for the full three months. I have recommended this product to others, & will buy it if & whenever my symptoms recur, because I know it works! I am very grateful to have found this remedy!"*-Jen G. WA.

03/04/2013 "I can't believe how quickly Urcinol works! I was skeptical about buying this product off the Internet because of all the scams however; I was looking for a natural remedy for this terribly painful gout. I began to have some discomfort in my big toe so I stared to take the Urcinol, within 2 days the pain and swelling had subsided. What a wonderful product! I highly recommend it!!"-Donna G., KY.

02/28/2013 "My husband has suffered with gout for many years and has been prescribed medication to ease the symptoms. The medication did not help with his latest flare up, so that's when we decided to try Urcinol and he is symptom free.* He continues to use Urcinol to help prevent flare ups he is very happy with this product."-Theresa M., FL.

02/27/2013 "This is the first time I used URNICOL and after the 2nd day the pain and swelling went down. I have been diagnosed with the gout for over 10 years. I changed my diet but would still get occasional . I found URNICOL on the Internet and read the testimonies and I have to admit it REALLY WORKS!! I recommend URNICOL to anyone suffering from Gout!"-Clif M., MD.

02/26/2013 "I have struggled with gout for years. I have taken medication prescribed by my Dr. and it took so long to help with my symptoms and the flare ups got more and more frequent until the medicine didn't help any more. I was having a bad gout flare up and that's when I tried URCINOL, it started to work right away, I started getting relief after the first day and it just kept getting better from there. I continue to take URCINOL to prevent flare ups* and I tell everyone what a great product it is and how it helped me. My friends and family with a history of gout can't wait to order theirs."-Wayne M., FL.

02/04/2013 "I have had gout for several years and tried several different things including prescription drugs.Nothing worked, but once I tried URCINOL that all changed. The pain left, the swelling left and the redness went away. At a recent doctor's visit he said,"WELL WHATEVER WORKS DON'T STOP IT". This is really great stuff!!!!! I will recommend it to one and all. Thanks a bunch."*-Hershell E., MO.

02/04/2013 " My husband started having pain, swelling and redness in his right great toe that would go away and return to the knuckle of the foot, to the toe again, to the side of the foot, to the ankle, then the knee over 6-8 weeks. We made a trip to the ER and sure enough, his uric acid level was high. He started on the meds prescribed,with slow results- as in weeks with little results. I found Urcinol on line and ordered it,and within 2 weeks of starting it he was having no more swelling, pain, or any other symptoms. It\'s been over 5 months and he has had no recurrences. The fact that it is all natural is wonderful! Even talked my pharmacist into carrying it in his store. And the guys my son works with, there are several who want the info and phone # too!"-Debra W., TX.

11/05/2012 "The past 3 months I have had gout in my right ankle and toes. The pain is unbearable and also the swelling. It would ease for awhile and come right back again. I found Urcinol on line and decided to try it. The results were amazing. After 3 days pain had gone* and the swelling was gone also. Thanks, THIS REALLY WORKS.........."-Dwight J., TX.

10/08/2012 "I have been dealing with Gout for about 2 years...and simply put, would have to just deal with the flare ups whenever they came on - usually every 1-2 months. This past April (2012) I was admitted to the emergency room and hospital because of a bleeding lower intestine. The culprit - a prescription prescribed to me by my Dr that was supposed to reduce swollen in my right foot from my gout.*
09/20/2012 I am Nellie C., living in Sulphur, Oklahoma and was diagnosed with Gout in March, 2012, after going to the ER for severe pain in my feet to the point of not being able to walk at all and so severe that it was physically making me sick. I am 64% blind and totally blind in one eye among other numerous health issues where script meds cause me severe side effect problems. My mother was an herbalist as am I and natural remedies are just about the only thing that helps me with anything.
09/10/2012 "I just recieved the third bottle of Urcinol you sent me and I am pleased to inform you that my pains caused by my gout has already disappeared with the last two bottles. Thank you for your effective medicine."* -Bernardo J., CA

11/05/2012 "Another success story! The Urcinol shipped to me this week has succeded in eliminating the new gout in my big left toe. Last night I enjoyed my first painless night since this nuisance began. Also the inflamation in my lower leg for which I have been taking a prescription for several years -to no avail- is lowering. When I get up in the morning I can't recognize my normal looking legs. Its wonderful and in shuch a short amount of time... I am a 90 year old woman please put me on the monthly delivery."-Jean D., OR
( Click Here to see the hand written letter from Jean)

07/29/2012 "Urcinol has indeed been a blessing for me. A double blessing, because there is no side effects - for this is the very reason I suffer from Gout, in the first place!!! I am only on my second bottle of Urcinol and am thrilled that I am not bothered by this Gout pain in my legs, any more. I can tell you it surely did work for me and I am so thankful to now be able to sleep peacefully without pain medication!!! I surely hope that it will also work for you."-Susan M. UT.

06/28/2012 "I have had gout for about 1 year. I didn’t want to go to the doctor because I knew they would try to get me to take the prescription medications, and I won't take them. My friend has gout and took them and his arms broke out in blisters! I tried organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, and it worked pretty well, but it got really old doing that twice a day, so that's why I went online to find something natural to take. Urcinol works better. It is very easy to take Urcinol., I didn't have severe symptoms. But after the first month, I noticed the joint in my toe has actually begun healing up, so it's not sore to the touch anymore.I didn't have severe symptoms anymore, but it had also begun surfacing in some of my fingers, and that is gone now. The joint by my big toe has begun to heal. I would recommend Urcinol, 100% it is a wonderful product."-Lea S. IL.

05/15/2012 "Hello, I have had incredible success with Urcinol as a treatment for gout. During a period of frequent attacks last year I found out about Urcinol and have been taking it ever since. Have given away a few bottles to people suffering from gout and always recommend it. I can't thank you enough. At the same time of the gout attacks I developed what my Dr. thinks is an ulcer. He prescribed an acid blocker for 6 months as a treatment. He looked at the ingredients in Urcinol and determined that they would be beneficial to my stomach as well. I would love to get off the acid blocker and I am wondering if your IBS pills might help. If not, would you recommend anything natural that I could use instead?"-Chris G, AZ.

05/08/2012 "My name is Sylester Flowers, I am a retired 77 year old Pharmacist in Pleasanton, California, trained in the traditional sciences of chemistry, math, physiology and pharmacology. I was mostly skeptical of herbal medicines but was willing to try Urcinol because I reduced my hydration daily after early afternoon so that I would not have to get up during the night as much. This resulted in the reduction of the PH to slight acidity in the bodily excretions that caused precipitate late at night with sharp pains in both feet and ankles. I do realize the importance of hydration and have increased my intake so that I get good results from URCINOL without getting up during the night."-Sylester F, CA.

05/04/2012 "My Name is Claude I live in Tempe Arizona. I had a really bad gout attack about a week ago I couldn't even go to work. I went to the Doctor he wanted to put me on some prescription medication that was almost $250 a month. So I decided to look on the internet to see if there was something else I could take. Luckily I found Urcinol. I ordered it right away and received it in two days. I started taking it immediately. By day 2 the pain was gone and the swelling had gone down about 85% I've been pain free ever since and am back to work!. I can't thank you enough!"-Claude J., AZ.

04/02/2012 "I live in Hyattsville, Maryland and had been a Gout sufferer for about a year before I discovered Urcinol on the internet. Like many I was skeptical, but tried it anyway. Much to my chagrin, it worked. No more (prescription drugs) more worries about a medicine that physicians and even pharmacists don't know how it works but it is prescribed for you. Not to mention the distinct possibility that one day your kidneys or liver my fail because of it's use.
03/01/2012 "I had been suffering gout for 2 years now. My doctor prescribed a drug which I could not take because it tore up my stomach. Besides it was typical of prescription medicine it was just to take the pain away not fix the uric acid problem. While hunting through the internet I found Urcinol and decided to try it. Wow it was wonderful!!!! It worked the same day I took it.*
02/08/2012 "My family has a history of high uric acid levels, gout and various forms of arthritis. So it was no surprise when I had my first gout attack around Christmas of 2010. I went to the doctor, and he didn\'t prescribe anything for gout, but put me on a prescription drug to help reduce the swelling in my knee & ankle. I had a very bad reaction to that, and realized I wanted to find natural remedies to fight this problem. I found good information on a variety of supplements and used them throughout the year, but still had several gout flare-ups. Late in 2011, I learned about Urcinol and immediately ordered a three-month supply. (I wanted to give it a 90-day trial before committing to auto-ship). The results were fantastic. I have not had a flare-up since I began taking Urcinol.Seeing that my 90-day supply was dwindling, I signed up for auto-ship yesterday.
When given the option of taking a drug for the rest of my life, or taking a natural product, the choice was a no-brainer for me. I'm taking Urcinol!"*-John C., WA

11/15/2011 "After approx 8 weeks of use of Urcinol, my uric acid (from blood test) went from 8.5 to 6.9. Impressive."*-Paul M., OH

11/21/2011 "My name is Jackie and I live in Baker, Louisiana. I have suffered with high uric acid levels and gout for over six years. In the beginning my doctor sent me to see several specialists (neurologist, heart, podiatrist, dermatologist), because my blood tests were coming back negative for high uric acid levels.
11/13/2011 "My husband, John, has suffered from gout for many years. He took another medicine,(I do not have the name anymore because the Dr. said not to use it, so I thru them away.) but developed kidney disease so they put him on a prescription drug (horrors!) I was looking for help from another direction and went to Lucky for John I found Urcinol! I only ordered one bottle because I've been stung before, but to my amazement it was wonderful! The joint on John's first finger was swollen and red and VERY painful. After about 3 days, taking 2 capsules a day, the pain started to subside and the swelling was less. After a week it was much better and I came to the conclusion that we could not be without Urcinol. I have ordered it to be delivered every month.Thank you very much"*-Frances E., MN

10/09/2011 "I have really just began the program but I don't plan to stop. I had a very bad attack over a year ago & tried not to have another attack. When I learned of Urcinol I was delighted to know there was a treatment. Dr.s seem to have to test forever to rule out other things, in the meantime you just had to worry about every little twidge. With Urcinol I feel no pain. Sincerly"*-Ila B., TX

08/27/2011 "I was having constant gout attacks in my feet. i tried medications but the side effects were too great. since taking urcinol daily i have been gout free. i have been taking urcinol for a month now and will continue doing so."*-Robert G., PA

08/15/2011 "The treatment is for my 66yo mother. We live in [edited for privacy], Florida. She was diagnosed with Gout approx. 4 years ago. Since that time frame she has been hospitalized several times and released to a Nursing Home for several months of therapy during recovery. The doctors could only give us a diagnosis of Gout and severe arthritis. Her big toes and ankles stayed severely swollen, red and very hot to the touch.
08/05/2011 "Dear Fellow Boomers & GOUT SUFFERERS Everywhere, I'm a 56 year old male who this year began having the most awful Painful swelling in my rt. big toe and joint. It hurt so bad even putting on a sock was out of the question, crutches became required to walk! I saw My family Dr immediately while in sever pain with my foot several shades of red and purple and extremely swollen, who referred me to a foot specialist... about a week later.*
Update: 11/08/2011 "Dear PurMEDICA Nutritional Science & THE REST OF THE WORLD, Earlier this year I began having flare ups of gout in my right foot. The pain was unbearable and the foot Dr. I was sent to immediately put me on dangerous medicine with a list of possible side affects that included "DEATH" as a possibility from taking that medication, which by the way didn't address the pain or other symptoms I was having over the coming weeks I took it... Yes, I was desperate with pain.*
07/19/2011 "I just wanted to send you a little note to let you know how much I love this product. I am a 51 year old female who suffers from gout along with some other medical issues. Two weeks ago my uric acid levels were extremely elevated and this was confirmed by blood work that was completed at my doctors office. Needless to say I didn't need the blood work to tell me that I had gout. My foot and ankle was proof enough of that. It was so swollen, red, feverish and painful--- I couldn't stand it. The doctor gave me a prescription for Allupurinal, a shot of steroids, and pain pills to take for one week.

07/12/2011 "6 weeks ago, I woke up on a Thursday morning w/ a severe swelling & throbbing pain in my left foot. The main area of swelling/pain was around the joint area of my big toe & throughout the ball of my foot. After 2 hrs @ work, the swelling increased throughout my whole foot, which caused me to believe "I may have a blood clot"! I began to research symptoms of blood clots online & spoke w/ 2 other employees who were once EMTs; the online research & opinions of my 2 co-workers kept confirming these were symptoms of a "possible" blood clot. I left work & admitted myself to the Emergency Room.

***Urcinol is not for everyone, and as with any nutritional supplement results can and do vary***

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